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Aufwind is an immersive virtual reality film and tells the story of Charlotte Mo╠łhring and Melli Beese, the first German female pilots who want to make it in the male domain of aviation and obtain a pilot’s license. Our story takes place in the industrial Ruhr area of western Germany in 1912, where Charlotte and Melli meet on the occasion of an airship christening. While some men want to keep women away from flying and are not afraid to manipulate the planes and put the female pilots in danger, Charlotte and Melli fight for their dream and, as pioneers, shape the early history of aviation. This film draws the audience completely into the story and lets them feel wind, smell and movement through a motion seat. The participants are brought in as characters and become emotionally involved when they are directly addressed by the main characters, fly an airplane or drive a car themselves. Aufwind was created using the new volumetric capturing technology.

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Venice Immersive 2023 - Aufwind

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Martijn Holtkamp