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The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is a research resource for electronic literature and it is open for new contributions and submissions. It provides cross-referenced, contextualized information about authors, creative works, critical writing, platforms, and practices. Current contributors should log in to the knowledge base to enter new records.

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base depends on the active participation of a community of international researchers and writers working on electronic literature. To join us in building the Knowledge Base, email kb_editor@elmcip.net a brief message. Include a brief description of your background and interests in electronic literature so we can set you up with a contributor account to add and edit records. The Knowledge Base is developed in Drupal 7 by the University of Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group as an outcome of the ELMCIP project.


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4003 records
Last name Middle name First name Updated
Emmelhainz Nicole 26.09.2020
Reina Joseph Bradley 25.09.2020
Leigh Alexander 25.09.2020
Cha Hak Kyung Theresa 22.09.2020
Burgess Elizabeth 22.09.2020


255 records
Title Publisher or organization Developers Year initiated Updatedsort ascending
Drupal 2001 11.11.2016
Python 1991 11.11.2016
Google Chrome 2008 11.11.2016
DSpace 2002 11.11.2016
Netscape 1994 11.11.2016

Teaching Resources

95 records
Title Author Type of Resource Updatedsort ascending
Fractured Fairy Tale Project Mark Sample Lesson plan 25.06.2020
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2020) Daniel Jung, Hannah Ackermans, Nick Montfort Syllabus 26.02.2020
Electronic Literature (DIG 220, Fall 2017) Mark Sample Syllabus 08.12.2019
Electronic Literature (DTC 338, Special Topics) Will Luers Syllabus 27.09.2019
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, UiB, Fall 2019) Scott Rettberg, Hannah Ackermans, Patricia Tomaszek Syllabus 07.08.2019

Publishers and Journals

796 records
Name Updatedsort ascending
Perspektive 18.09.2020
Social Sciences in China 18.09.2020
Emerald Group Publishing Limited 17.09.2020
SwiftCurrent 16.09.2020
Tim Holman 02.09.2020


618 records
Name Event Date City Country Updatedsort ascending
blueOrange Performace Evening 14.08.2018 Montreal Canada 18.09.2020
Natural Language 04.01.2019 Chicago United States 18.09.2020
Neural Nets 14.04.2018 Berkeley United States 18.09.2020
Print Screen Holon Israel 18.09.2020
Code/Switch 27.05.2016 18.09.2020

Databases and Archives

67 records
Name Organization Responsible Project Type Updatedsort ascending
Purdue University Archive 17.09.2020
Electronic Literature Organization Repos... Electronic Literature Organization Archive 01.10.2019
Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digita... Universidad Complutense, LEETHI Research Group, Ciberia Project Archive 24.06.2019
Interactive Fiction Database Database 19.06.2019
ADEL (Archive of German Electronic Liter... Universität Siegen Archive 23.11.2018