Databases and Archives

73 records
Name Project Type Organization Updated date
ADA - Archive of Digital Art (former Database of Virtual Art) Database Danube University Krems 29.09.2014
ADEL (Archive of German Electronic Literature) Archive Universität Siegen 23.11.2018
Ars Electronica Archive Archive Ars Electronica 27.02.2013
Art and Electronic Media Online Database 05.10.2020
Arte y políticas de identidad Archive 04.08.2014
Australian Electronic Literature Directory Database Creative Nation: New Media Writing 14.05.2012
Biblumliteraria Archive Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes 18.07.2014
CELL Search Engine Database Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL) 05.10.2020
Ciberia: Biblioteca de Literatura Digital en Español Archive Universidad Complutense, LEETHI Research Group, Ciberia Project 05.10.2020
compArt daDA: the database Digital Art Database University of Bremen 16.11.2017
Cultural Mechanics Archive 17.01.2017 Database 09.09.2013
Cybertext Yearbook Database Database University of Jyväskylä 22.02.2013
Digital Textualities. A Showcase of 12 Digital Works by Women Writers, Artists, Poets, Researchers, Academics and Educators Archive 14.08.2014
E-critures Mailing List Archive 27.06.2013
Edition Cyberfiction Archive 03.03.2013
Electronic Literature Directory Database Electronic Literature Organization 05.10.2020
Electronic Literature Organization Repostiory Archive Electronic Literature Organization 01.10.2019
Electronic Poetry Center Database Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) 03.06.2012
ELINOR: Electronic Literature in the Nordic Region Database University of Bergen, Department of Humanistic Informatics 05.02.2015