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The Ars Electronica Archive Website shows information from over 30 years years of activities. The Archive collects documentation about events, people, artworks and publications digitally and as physical objects.

The Prix Ars Electronica Showcase is a collection where all the artist submissions for the Prix since 1987 can be searched and viewed. The winning projects are documented with extensive information and audiovisual media, which can be seen and heard. All other submissions are displayed with the basic metadata in list form.

The Pic Archive contains an extensive collection of pictures of Festival, Prix, Center, Futurelab and Export. The pictures from 2011 are identical to the Ars Electronica Flickr account. Older pictures are from a now obsolete version of a custom-made image filing system that has been migrated to the new structure.

The Print Archive of Ars Electronica covers all publications since 1979 in the fields of Cyber Arts/Prix, Festival and special publications and as well as the audiovisual supplements, museum brochures and updates and special publications. All text and articles are searchable and readable. The festival catalogs are since 2000 in the original layout as PDFs, for the preceding years, only the OCR text information was presevered but they are also readable. CyberArts catalogs are complete PDFs, catalogs before 2005 were physically digitised, as there were no longer the print data.

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