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The Wonders of Lost Trajectories Jason Nelson Daniel C. Howe, Mary Flanagan, Christopher A Egert, Junming Mei, Kay Chang
Hilda Bewildered Lynley Stace
An Atlas of Hypertext: Gaps in the Maps Jeremy Douglass
International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality 2016
urbanscrawl Neil Noakes, Sushma Madan
Electronic Literature as a Means to Overcome the Supremacy of the Author Function Heiko Zimmermann
Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg, Daria Tsoupikova, Arthur Nishimoto
Bacterias Argentinas Santiago Ortiz
El cerebro de Edgardo (El inventor de historias) Santiago Ortiz
Visualizing la(e)ng(-u-)age Deena Larsen
A Network Analysis of Dissertations About Electronic Literature Jill Walker Rettberg
Cross-Reading: un outil de visualisation de close readings Philippe Bootz, María Inés Laitano
An Emerging Canon? A Preliminary Analysis of All References to Creative Works in Critical Writing Documented in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg
Network Analysis and Visualization as a Method for Studying Electronic Literature Jill Walker Rettberg
An Emerging Canon? A Case Study in Using Visualization Strategies to Understand a Field as It Develops Scott Rettberg
Poetry Machine (version 1.0) David Link
Intersecting Approaches to Electronic Literature: Close-Reading Code, Content, and Cartographies in “William Poundstone’s “Project for the Tachistoscope: [Bottomless Pit]” Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino
Anti-Spam: Reinventing Data Álvaro Seiça
A White Paper of Information Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
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