El cerebro de Edgardo (El inventor de historias)

Description (in English): 

El inventor de historias -The Stories Inventor- is a net that articulates texts, images –reproductions and photography, digital audiovisual installations and diverse conferences and seminars. In the Internet we can see Edgardo’s brain-the inventor-in action. Edgardo, tells stories of every kind. This narrative emerges from the random algorithm that moves through a semantic web, recombining words and keeping correct grammar. This net is represented in 3D using visualization, with this the “brain” of Edgardo can be discovered. The complete installation is composed by the brain –digital algorithm-, the face –video- and the body –photography.

Screen shots: 
Shredded poem not yet ripped apart.
Inverted color filter over a person, and a netgraph
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Maya Zalbidea