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Title City Country Updated date
Amanita Design 27.09.2021
Galactic Cafe 23.09.2021
Presses de l'Université Du Quebec Montréal Canada 26.09.2019
Verbeia: Journal of English and Spanish Studies Madrid Spain 25.01.2021
2010 International Digital Media and Arts Association Conference Proceedings 26.09.2019
3:AM Magazine 26.09.2019
Aarhus University Press Aarhus Denmark 17.06.2012
Ablex Press Norwood United States 01.07.2013
Above/Ground Press Ontario Canada 16.06.2017
Academia del Hispanismo Pontevedra Spain 26.09.2019
ACM interactions 07.01.2013
ACM SIGWEB Newsletter New York United States 14.09.2013
Activision United States 29.09.2011
Addison Wesley Cambridge United States 02.07.2013
Addison-Wesely Professional 06.10.2011
ADE Bulletin New York United States 17.02.2012
Adventure International United States 02.07.2013
Afsnit P Copenhagen Denmark 02.03.2012
Afterimage 20.01.2012
Ahsahta Press Boise United States 10.10.2016
Aisthesis Verlag Bielefeld Germany 21.11.2012
Akadémiai Kiadó Budapest Hungary 10.10.2013
Akademikerverlag 03.10.2021
Alexanderson, Diddle Copenhagen Denmark 25.02.2012
Alfaguara 29.11.2018
alire Paris France 26.11.2014
Allyn and Bacon Boston United States 28.09.2021
Alt-X Boulder United States 29.09.2011
AMC Kunststichting Amsterdam Netherlands 25.03.2021
American Book Review Victoria United States 17.01.2012
American Literary History 26.07.2013
American Quaterly 27.05.2021
Amsterdam Monographs in American Studies Amsterdam Netherlands 02.07.2013
Aniki: the Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image Portugal 10.07.2020
Ann Ward United Kingdom 02.10.2018
Annapurna Interactive Los Angeles United States 26.10.2017
Anteism Books Canada 25.05.2021
Anthem Press London United Kingdom 30.08.2013
Anthropos 01.12.2011
Apogee Software 28.09.2021
Appleton 17.06.2021
APRJA Aarhus Denmark 25.02.2015
Arcade Project New York City United States 13.09.2018
Arco 23.07.2014
Arco-Libros 18.02.2020
Argus Press 17.02.2015
Aristas Martinez Ediciones Spain 28.11.2018
Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies Tuscon United States 18.04.2012
Arnolfini Gallery 31.10.2017
Art Com Electronic Network United States 29.09.2011