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Title City Country Updated date
Candonga Coimbra Portugal 28.02.2017
Cappelen akademisk forlag Oslo Norway 14.12.2011
Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget Oslo Norway 17.06.2012
Caracteres: Estudios culturales y críticos de la esfera digital 16.11.2016
Cauldron & Net 20.06.2012
CD Projekt Poland 19.10.2017
Chaoid France 27.06.2013
Chernovik United States 23.01.2013
Chicago Review Chicago United States 31.05.2012
Chicago Tribune Chicago United States 05.07.2013
Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries Middletown United States 29.09.2011
Cibertextualidades Porto Portugal 04.10.2013
Cinema Journal 18.08.2015
CITARJournal: Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts Porto Portugal 19.11.2013
CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture West Lafayette United States 29.09.2011
Coach House Books Toronto Canada 09.05.2015
Colóquio/Letras Lisbon Portugal 07.11.2016
Columbia University Press New York United States 29.09.2011
Common Ground Beijing China 20.06.2012
Common Ground Melbourne Australia 20.06.2012
Common Ground New York United States 20.06.2012
Communications of the ACM 29.09.2011
Communications. Media. Design Russia 25.06.2020
Computational Culture: A Journal of Software Studies 19.04.2016
Computational Linguistics Stroudsburg United States 29.09.2011
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine United States 15.10.2011
Computerra Online 16.07.2013
Computers and Composition 05.07.2013
Computers and the Humanities 29.06.2013
Conduit 29.09.2011
Configurations 29.09.2011
CONT3XT.NET Vienna Austria 08.07.2013
Contemporary Literature Madison United States 01.11.2013
Continuum London United Kingdom 01.08.2012
Contra Capa Livraria Rio de Janeiro Brazil 11.10.2012
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 15.10.2011
Coracle 12.09.2017
Cordite Poetry Review Melbourne Australia 03.07.2017
Cornell University Press Ithica United States 29.06.2013
Counterpath Press Denver United States 02.02.2015
Counterpath Press Online 07.09.2019
CounterText United Kingdom 27.01.2016
Course Technology PTR 09.01.2013
CR: The New Centennial Review 17.03.2018
Cream City Review IØ Milwaukee United States 05.10.2020
Critical Inquiry Chicago United States 27.04.2018
Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts Detroit United States 19.10.2011
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 16.08.2015
CTheory Victoria Canada 23.01.2012
Culture & Musées Avignon Cedex France 03.10.2018