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Title City Country Updated date
LucasArts San Francisco United States 24.10.2017
lume: a journal of electronic writing and art Buffalo 02.07.2013
Luna Bisonte Prods Columbus United States 08.10.2012
Magic Box Athens Greece 30.09.2011
Manchester Metropolitan University 12.06.2013
Mansfield Press Toronto Canada 15.06.2017
Marenostrum 06.12.2011
Materialidades da Literatura / Materialites of Literature Portugal 16.07.2016
MATLIT: Materialities of Literature Coimbra Portugal 07.11.2016
mcd Musiques & Cultures Digitales 11.05.2012
McGraw-Hill London United Kingdom 10.02.2020
Media XXI Portugal 20.06.2012
Media: Culture : Pedagogy Canada 10.05.2012
MediaCommons 03.10.2018
MEDIENwissenschaft: Rezensionen Marburg Germany 29.09.2011
Mejan Labs Stockholm Sweden 27.02.2013
Melbourne House Melbourne Australia 20.06.2014
Meson Press 06.06.2018
Methuen United Kingdom 07.06.2013
MFS Modern Fiction Studies West Lafayette United States 01.10.2011
Michel Houdiard Paris France 05.03.2012
Michigan Quarterly Review Ann Arbor United States 13.02.2015
Microfolie's France 28.06.2013
Mindful Press Sausolito United States 09.01.2013
Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Warszawa Poland 21.09.2015
minor literature[s] 13.08.2018
Mitteilungen des Deutschen Germanistenverbandes Bielefeld Germany 23.11.2012
Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft mbH München Germany 13.03.2017
Modern Language Association (MLA) New York United States 02.03.2012
Mosaic Manitoba Canada 29.09.2011
Musa Editora São Paulo Brazil 10.10.2012
Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes Rennes France 26.08.2013
Museu Vale Espirito Santo Brazil 29.07.2013
n+1 Brooklyn United States 07.03.2012
Narrative United States 11.10.2013
Naughty Dog Santa Monica United States 05.11.2019
Navegar Editora São Paulo Brazil 24.10.2012
Necessary Games 09.10.2018
Neohelicon Hungary 10.10.2013 Stuttgart Germany 26.12.2012 Stuttgart Germany 29.09.2011
New York: Riverhead Books 22.09.2018
New Binary Press Cork Ireland 17.01.2017
New Directions New York City United States 30.06.2013
New Literary History Charlottesbille United States 01.10.2011
New Literary Observer Moscow Russia 06.09.2012
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 05.07.2013
New York Times Book Review New York United States 29.09.2011
New York University Press New York United States 29.09.2011
Newark Review 3.0 United States 20.03.2012