Attention à la marche! Mind the Gap!

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Centre de Design (DE) UQAM - Galerie du Centre de Design
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Attention à la marche! Mind the Gap! questions the place of electronic literature in a digital culture. Present since the 1980s, electronic literary practices must now adapt and renew themselves in light of the proliferation and massive use of digital devices in our lives. How do they make us think about literature in its broadest sense and its current occurrences? What forms do they take in public and urban spaces? How do they articulate our relationships to the body, to culture, to our representations of ourselves and the world?


Attention à la marche! Mind the Gap! exploits the multiple gaps that can arise between technologies, practices and their contexts. Bringing together some fifty works produced by pioneers and emerging artists, the exhibition offers a diversified panorama of electronic literature practices, at the crossroads of literature and computer science. In these works, the text is protean: it becomes matter, it is animated, spatialized, declaimed, intertwined with images and gives itself, in its more classical expression, in the form of statements, translated into different human and computer languages.

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Jane Lausten
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