Audiographe In Situ #1

Description (in English): 

First the Audiographe computes the poet’s voice waveform in order to let the voice draw itself a geolocalized itinerary in Montreal. Once anchored in a geolocalized soundscape, the text comes to life according to the intensity and the rhythm of the voice. Realtime video exhibited here in a video capture form. Length : 21 minutes divided in 7 chapters.

Contributors note: 

Text, voice : Thomas Langlois.
Voice recording : Louis-Robert Bouchard.

Soundscapes from the Montreal Sound Map by Max et Julian Stein. 

Authors : Stéphane Fufa Dufour, Houshang Koochaki, Éric Boivin, Max Stein, Jen Reimer, Nimalan Yoganathan.

This creation is supported by Agence Topo. The Audiographe is developed in collaboration with Agence Topo, Productions Rhizome


Performance Audiographe avec Sophie Loizeau

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