Máquina Do Desassossego [ Machines of Disquiet]

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Machines of Disquiet are a series of experimental web applications that aim to provide various aesthetic and reading experiences based on Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. Each of the applications is an attempt to find a new setting for experiencing the Book of Disquiet as a sensitive matter. The title refers to the condition of machinic mediation that defines digital objects, but these experimental applications are also understood as “feeling machines,” “machines for making sense,” and “imagination machines.” The Machines of Disquiet have been developed as a first iteration of author-function of the LdoD Archive: Collaborative Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet.

Artists and collaborators: LuísÍ / Author and programmer: Lucas Pereira / Texts: Fernando
Pessoa (1888-1935) / Translator: Manuel Portela

Source: https://sites.grenadine.uqam.ca/sites/nt2/en/elo2018/schedule/1618/M%C3%...

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