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Ink After Print is a digital literary installation exhibited in public settings such as libraries. The installation allows readers-users to perform, reenact and rewrite recombinant poems written by Peter-Clement Woetmann "and you" (user-reader). AS -- Ink After Print is an interactive, participatory, digital literary installation made in a collaboration between PIT-researchers, CAVI/Tekne Productions and Roskilde Libraries initiated during the Literature Takes Place (Litteraturen Finder Sted) project and first exhibited in 2012. Ink is designed to make people affectively engage with, and reflect on, the ergodic qualities of digital literature in public settings such as libraries and events. Through their engagement with Ink, people can – individually or collaboratively – produce poems by interacting with three books embedded with a custom-made sensor system, the DUL Radio. The interactive books let people control a floating sentence in an ocean of words toward a sheet of paper to produce a poem, all visualized on a large display. The sentences, written by Danish author Peter-Clement Woetmann, are retrieved from a database. When the poem reaches a limit of 350 characters, it is printed out in a form similar to a library receipt that people can take with them. The poems also appear on a blog updated in real-time ( where people can read their own and others’ poems, and comment on them. (Source:

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Ink After Print: Søren Pold and Performative Reader-User Interface Interaction

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