Dispersed Digital Poetry Project

Description (in English): 

The Dispersed Digital Poetry Project is a year-long endeavour to create a series of short one poem/screen/page interactive digital poems, with each of those digital poems hosted on a different website or portal. And then the entire series of interactive works inter-linked together, forming a larger collection, existing across the net. 

For example: I will create a mouse-follower digital poem to be hosted by gallery’s website in Vancouver. And that work will link to 3D textual work hosted by a literary journal in Singapore. Add 24 others! In essence, the works will have dozens of different entry points and doorways, with the whole of the work forming a grid across the websites of places, institutions, people, publications and organizations around the world. 

What is the overarching theme of this collection of works from the Dispersed Digital Poetry Project? 

The goal is for each of the works to use a different type/method of interface and/or interactivity. And as such each work will be an invention, a small machine for reading/writing. Reflecting the technical aspects of these work’s literary inventions will be a poetic thematic exploring the notion of failed creations, experiments and inventions that reach for wondrous heights and yet fail under the weight of their own divergence from the world. 

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Nina Kolovic