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'Sintext-W' (1999-2000) is a Java version for the Web of the text generator 'Sintext,' (1993) with the collaboration by José Manuel Torres. According to the Web Java demo, 'Sintext-W' can be understood as: In this space the cybernaut can have a first contact with the automatic text generator 'Sintext-W' (Text Synthesizer). The user can visualize the automatic generation of 3 generative texts available here: · 'Didáctica' (example) · 'Balada de Portugal' (extract) · 'Teoria do Homem Sentado' (fragment) For this purpose it is enough that the user clicks on the buttons located below, under the 2nd display window; in the 1st window one may consult the matrix-text which originates it. The text's flow rate may be accelerated or delayed by two controllers; the user can also choose to execute the texts in an endless cycle as a continuous creation of new meanings. (Text adapted and translated by Álvaro Seiça based on the Java demo version at

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Programmer: José Manuel Torres

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