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André Sier lives and works in Lisbon as an artist-programmer of machines. Has interdisciplinary training in painting, sculpture, music, and a degree in philosophy. Since 1997 produces dynamic pieces in code, 3D, video, sound, electronics, drawings, among other means. Teaches regularly audio-visual programming since 2002.

Highlights the series 'struct', '747', 'Space Race', 'k.', 'uunniivveerrssee', immersive work in abstract spaces often using site-specific data interactions from microphones and cameras, or synthesizing experiences with stochastic, generative and chaotic mathematics. Awarded at the XV Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira with Interestrelar (2009), also notes the series k. started in 2007 in the gallery from Direcção Geral das Artes and the aquisition of struct_1 by MEIAC in 2006. Highlights the individual exhibitions 747 in the gallery Quadrum (Lisbon, 2002), Maps and Devices (Glade) in Vera Cortes Art Agency (Lisbon, 2006), 747.3 on Plataforma Revólver (Lisbon, 2007), motion=snd in the gallery Kapelica (Ljubljana , sl, 2009), ape-x in the gallery nt (Lodz, pl, 2010), k. at Appleton Square (Lisbon, 2011), 64-bits at Who galeria (Lisbon, 2011), at Museum São Roque (Lisbon, 2011). Participated in several colective exhibitions, highlighting 000 000000 000 at the festival Scem Author (teatro da trindade, Lisbon, 2000), struct_0 in arte portugués contemporáneo / Argumentos de futuro / colección MEIAC (Fundación ICO, Madrid, es, 2001-2), struct_2 in Pavilhão 21-C of Hospital Júlio Matos (Lisbon, 2002), struct_1 in Meta.morfosis at MEIAC (Badajoz, es, 2006), struct_7 in Stream at White Box Gallery (New York, us, 2007), struct_4 in XIII BJCEM (Bari, it, 2008), Space Race # 2 in Viewpoint at the gallery S&G (Berlin, 2008), Ascend in June of the Arts (Óbidos, 2009), ∆ at the festival Olhares de Outono (Porto, 2009), k.~ at bienal internacional de arte contemporáneo ula (mérida, vz, 2010), 0 255 0 at Algoritmos Criativos (Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisboa, 2011), Lampsacus at Emergencias 2012 (Fábrica Asa, Guimarães, 2012).

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