MathX (Metadata-Eye)

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MathX (Metadata-Eye) is an audiovisual software program with an infinite duration that is built using the open source processing programming environment. It is a navigator in a meta-symbolic space, that travels a 3D network of codes and text contents.

A collaborative piece by André Sier and Álvaro Seiça, MathX (Metadata-Eye) was developed for Sier's solo exhitibition 02016.41312785388128 at Ocupart Chiado, Lisboa, from May 19 to June 4, 2016. The navigator presents a poem by Álvaro Seiça made as an invitation to create a text based on the philosophical-archaic-metaphysical references of André Sier's work.

Sier's initial navigator, MathX, was developed in 2010.

Seiça's text departs from Sier's works, MathX Java code, Dziga Vertov's Kino-Eye (1924), and Ted Rall's Snowden (2015).

The collaboration branched out into sound, text, and visual pieces.

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