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The coordinates are deceptive! Doesn’t matter the position of the point, but the force that it produces, the space that it opens in the landscape of the real. This issue zero aims to contribute to a non-cartesian idea of point. Thinking its meaning from four anti-geometrical hypotheses. The point as a beginning (a space opening); the point as force and disturb (maybe creative); the point as network (points that aggregate other points), but most of all, the point as something that takes place, that supervenes in the unquiet landscape of the real, a singularity.

The contributions presented here, depart from those coordinates and destroy them:

// They reflect on the creative nature that the point represents/identifies in the architectonic/artistic production landscape: Álvaro Seiça Neves, Pedro Bismarck.

// They identify strategies of thought/construction that evolve the connective and communicative singularity of the point: Pedro Oliveria, André Sier,

// They understand the role of the critic as (re)production and (re)cognition of creative points: André Tavares, Bernardo Amaral.

In 1921, in L’Esprit Nouveau, we too had gone back to zero in order to try to see things clearly. But if we did go back to zero, it was with the intent not to stay there, but only in order to reestablish our footing. -- Le Corbusier

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