A Hiperperiferia do Ponto: Para uma Defesa da Raposa

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An experimental proposal for the topic of ‘dot’ and the theme ‘singularities’, this essay deals with
different types of dots in architecture, visual arts, literature, music, and contemporary society, not
proposing the concept of dot as the most relevant in art, but, instead, the concept of path. The essay does so by refuting the notion of ‘punctum’ presented by Roland Barthes in La Chambre Claire (1980), and accepting Paul Virilio’s notion of ‘path’ in his seminal oeuvre. In this sense, by constructing an analogy with Euclidean geometry, I subdivide the essay into three nonlinear points, presenting the notions of ‘periphery’ and ‘hyperperiphery’ to better understand a critique of image, art, literature, social media, society, and, therefore, making clear my thesis: the plan.

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Alvaro Seica