Decentering: Global Electronic Literature

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06.08.2015 to 23.08.2015
Stiftelsen 3,14
Vågsallmenningen 12
5014 Bergen
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While there are strong centers of activity in electronic literature in North America and Western Europe, innovations in digital textuality are also taking place in Eastern Europe and in the Southern hemisphere. This exhibition focuses on electronic literature from Brazil, Peru, Poland, Portugal, and Russia.

This exhibition at 3,14 focuses on electronic literature produced by international authors and artists outside of the Anglo/American and Western European mainstream, including the countries Brazil, Canada, Peru, Poland, Portugal and Russia. The works in this exhibit were selected both via an open call and by curators from Poland (Piotr Marecki), Russia (Natalia Fedorova and Daria Khabarova), and Portugal (Álvaro Seiça). Both historical works and contemporary projects are represented. Bringing these diverse collections together provides an opportunity to consider how practices and genres in electronic literature are influenced both by the exchange of ideas on the global network and by important national and regional artistic traditions.

Works and Curated Exhibitions include:

  • Nicola Harwood, Fred Wah, Jin Zhang, Bessie Wapp, Simon Lysander Overstall, Tomoyo Ihaya, Phillip Djwa, Thomas Loh, Hiromoto Ida and Patrice Leung. High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese.
  • Jose Aburto. Small poetic interfaces – the end of click.
  • Francisco Marinho and Alckmar Santos. Palavrador.
  • Jakub Jagiełło and Laura Lech. Labyrinth.
  • Natalia Fedorova. “This Is Not a Utopia”—Russian Electronic Literature.
  • Álvaro Seiça and Piotr Marecki: “p2p: Polish-Portuguese E-Lit.”

(Source: ELO 2015 catalog)

Critical writing presented:

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p2p: Polish-Portuguese E-Lit André Sier, Silvestre Pestana, Rui Torres, E. M. de Melo e Castro, Pedro Barbosa, Manuel Portela, Józef Żuk Piwkowski, Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak Portuguese experimental literature, PO.EX, Portuguese e-lit, Polish e-lit, p2p, digital poetry, videopoetry, ZX Spectrum
Polish Impact Aleksandra Małecka, Piotr Marecki, Katarzyna Giełżyńska, Monika Górska Olesińska, Mariusz Pisarski, Kaja Puto, Zenon Fajfer Polish e-lit, Polish experimental literature, brochure
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Alvaro Seica
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