Stiftelsen 3,14

Stiftelsen 3,14
Vågsallmenningen 12
5014 Bergen
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Stiftelsen 3,14 (Foundation 3,14) has visions and wills to globality.

Foundation 3,14 is a non-profit art institution centrally located in the heart of Bergen, Norway— almost exclusively working with international exhibitions and partnerships, with an emphasis on contemporary art beyond the western discourse.

Foundation 3,14 is committed to knowledge production, presentation and interpretation of the work of innovative artists in all media, promoting creativity and artistic exploration.
With our program we aim to reflect upon the complex nature of international contemporary art and different contemporalities, served to a diverse audience.
Foundation 3,14's exhibitions, presentations, educational activities, strive to investigate the dynamic and provocative nature of contemporary art, Foundation 3,14 presents and questions the present for the future. The focus includes presenting artist with established and reknown voices, recognizing the work of emerging artists, placing different media into new and meaningful contexts and defining alternative movements and endeavours.

Foundation 3,14 seeks to be a vital cultural resource for Bergen and to serve constituencies in all of Norway and beyond. Overall, Foundation 3,14 aims to provide an engaging environment for artists; to inform, inspire and challenge its audiences; to actively attract new audiences and to be an accessible resource that elevates the role of art in contemporary culture.

The small staff consist of:
Malin Barth (Director)
Monique Mossefinn (Public relations and communications)
Adriana Alves (School programs / guided tours / workshops)
Caroline Jensen (Debate Redactor)


Events arranged by this organization:

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p2p: Polish-Portuguese E-Lit Bergen 06.08.2015 to 23.08.2015 Exhibition
“This Is Not a Utopia”—Collection of Russian Electronic Literature Bergen 06.08.2015 to 26.08.2015 Exhibition
Decentering: Global Electronic Literature Bergen 06.08.2015 to 23.08.2015 Exhibition
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Alvaro Seica
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