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Liberdade [Freedom in Portuguese] is a collaborative digital creation that promotes a dialogue between poetry and videogame languages. Both immersive and interactive, integrating poetic language and technological forms, the work reproduces parts of Liberdade, a neighborhood in São Paulo, allowing users to metaphorically explore the concept of memory. These programmed environments can be saved by readers as personal memories. The convergence of stories (mostly microtales), animations (such as stop-motion and video fragments), poems, and a variety of sound textures, provides an experience that challenges ways of reading and writing in programmed 3D environments. Created at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 2013, by Chico Marinho and Alckmar Santos, with the help of programmer Lucas Junqueira and writer Álvaro Andrade Garcia, a future version of this complex simulated experience will evolve into a multiplayer version, in which different readers/users will be able to interact with each other's memories of the reading experience.

(Source: ELC Volume 2 Editorial Statement)

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A landscape made of geometric shapes, pathway at center, with red flag hanging from above.

Liberdade: Obra Digital Criada ao Longo do Simpósio (13-12-2013)

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