ELO 2015 Conference Program and Festival Catalog (e-Pub)

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This is the e-Pub version of the ELO 2015 The End(s) of Electronic Literature Conference Program and Festival Catalog. It includes abstracts to all workshops, roundtable discussions, lightning talks, research papers and panels, readings, performances and screenings, and exhibitions that are part of ELO 2015. For more information, see the individual elements of the programme.


Contents (Critical Writing):

Title Author
"'Till Algebra is Easier —': Elements of Computation in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Angus Forbes
"Jailbreaking the Global Mnemotechnical System: Electropoetics as Resistance" Davin Heckman
"Learn to taste the tea on both sides": AR, Digital Ekphrasis, and a Future for Electronic Literature Robert Fletcher
A Language Apparatus Simon Biggs
A Stitch in Twine: Platform Studies and Porting Patchwork Girl James Brown Jr.
A Workbench for Analyzing Electronic Literature Mark C. Marino
Abandoned and Recycled Electronic Literature: Jean-Pierre Balpe’s La Disparition du Général Proust Jonathan Baillehache
Archiving Electronic Literature Beyond its End: Archiving Nordic Works at an Academic Library, a Presentation of a Collaboration in Progress within the University of Bergen Patricia Tomaszek, Aud Gjersdal
Archiving Roundtable Leonardo L. Flores, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Stephanie Strickland, Rui Torres
Aurature and the End(s) of Electronic Literature John Cayley
Beneath the Surface: System Representation and Reader Reception in Electronic Literature Alex Mitchell, Tiffany Neo
Between Paper and Touchscreen: Building the Bridge with Children's Book Kamil Kamysz, Marcin Wichrowski
Beyond the Screens: Transmediality in E-literature Domingo Sánchez-Mesa, Rui Torres, Nieves Rosendo Sánchez
Boolean Poetics: The Search String as Post-Literary Technique Chris Rodley
Bringing Scandinavian E-Lit in from the Edges Melissa Lucas
Can We Define Electronic Literature Such as Authoring Tool Literature? Odile Farge
CELL ROUNDTABLE - The Consortium for Electronic Literature Sandy Baldwin, Maria Angel, Leonardo L. Flores, Anna Gibbs, María Goicoechea, Robert Kalman, Eric Dean Rasmussen, Johannah Rodgers, Patricia Tomaszek, Rui Torres
Conditions of Presence: The Topology of Network Narratives David M. Meurer
Curating and Creating Electronic Works in Arts Contexts Roderick Coover, Sandy Baldwin, Dene Grigar, Mia Zamora
Data Visualization Poetics María Mencía
Digital Artists' Books and Augmented Fictions: A New Field in Digital Literature? Lucile Haute, Alexandra Saemmer, Aurélie Herbet, Emeline Brulé, Nolwenn Trehondart
Digital Games: The New Frontier of Postmodern Detective Fiction Clara Fernández-Vara
Digital Letterisms Natalia Fedorova
Digital Scherenschnitte / Video Compositing with Cut-ups and Collage Alison Aune, Joellyn Rock
Digitising Ariadne’s Thread: Feminism, Excryption, and the Unfolding of Memory in Digital Spaces Maria Angel, Anna Gibbs
Documenting Events and Works in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Patricia Tomaszek
E-literary Diaspora – The Story of a Young Scholar's Journey from Writing to Faces Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen
Electronic Literature as a Means to Overcome the Supremacy of the Author Function Heiko Zimmermann
Electronic Literature as Action and Event: Participatory Culture and “The Literary” Rob Wittig, Stuart Moulthrop, Lane Hall
End over End Espen Aarseth, Stuart Moulthrop
Ephemeral Words, Ephemeral People: Suicide and Choice in Twine Games Anastasia Salter
Fandom Vs. E-Lit: How Communities Organize Flourish Klink
Female Voices in Hispanic Digital Literature María Goicoechea, Laura Sánchez Gómez
Fill in the Blanks: Narrative, Digital Work and Intermediality Ariane Savoie
From Mechanism to Subjectivity: The Posthumanist Performativity of Electronic Literature Jörgen Schäfer
From The Unknown to Piksel Zdrój: Collaboration in E-literature: Models, Newcomers, Predictions Mariusz Pisarski
Guardians of the Gutenberg Galaxy: a Cultural Analysis of Resistances to Digital Poetries David Devanny
History of Digital Poetry in France Philippe Bootz, Jonathan Baillehache
Hypermediacy in Garmann's summer Kristin Ørjasæter
If the Message Is the Medium, Then There Is No End: Understanding and Defining Materiality in Representational and Communicative Practices Across Media Johannah Rodgers
Imagination, Eventhood, and the Literary Absolute Mario Aquilina, Ivan Callus, Gordon Calleja
Interaction Between Art and Literature in Arab Digital Poetry and the Issue of Criticism Rachid Benharrousse
Intermediality and Electronic Literature John F. Barber, Caitlin Fisher, Samantha Gorman, Dene Grigar
It Is the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine Markku Eskelinen
Jokes, Prompts and Models: Engaging Player Collaboration in Netprov Rob Wittig
Keleti Blokk Blokki Facebook Game as an Example of Non-fiction Literary Flash Kaja Puto, Martyna Nowicka
Latin American Electronic Literature and Its Own Ends Claudia Kozak
Letter to an Unknown Soldier: A Participatory Writing Project Kate Pullinger
Literary Experiments with Automatic Translation: A Case Study of a Creative Experiment Involving King Ubu and Google Translate Aleksandra Małecka, Piotr Marecki
Literary Interaction in the Age of the Post-Digital Søren Bro Pold, Christian Ulrik Andersen, Jonas Fritsch

Contents (Creative Works):

Work title Author
#Carnivast Mez Breeze, Andy Campbell
A Bot Sampler in Two Voices Leonardo L. Flores, Mark Sample
A Nervous System Jason Nelson
Alla barns rätt Pernilla Stalfelt, Spinfy
Amor de Clarice Rui Torres
Any Vision Zuzana Husárová
asciiticism Ivan Khimin
BDP: Big-Data Poetry David Jhave Johnston
Borderline Donna Leishman
BwO André Sier
Cavewriting Classics on the Oculus Rift Damon Loren Baker
Chez Moi: Lesbian Bar Stories from Before You Were Born Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira
Cierniste diody / Thorny diods Leszek Onak
Collocations Abraham Avnisan
Computer Poetry Silvestre Pestana
Curlew Dene Grigar, Greg Philbrook
Death of an Alchemist Chris Rodley, Andrew Burrell
Encyclopedia Johannes Heldén, Håkan Jonson
Eroica: A Hypermedia Fiction Eugene Garber, Lynn Hassan
Faceless patrons Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman
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