Alla barns rätt

Description (in English): 

Children’s literature can include non-fiction texts, and this app, developed by Spinfy, is an example. It is a creatively retold version of the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Rights in a way that is aimed at young children. Each spread is read aloud, and when the reader touches one of the illustrations, a sound is heard, or the speech bubbles that many illustrations have are read out. For instance, the page explaining that all children have the right to privacy shows a girl with a diary, and when you touch the diary, a voice whispers: “Ssh, don’t tell”. The app is an adaptation of a picture book Pernilla Stalfelt’s wrote and illustrated in 2010. (source: ELO 2015 Conference Program and Festival Catalog)

Description (in Swedish): 

Alla barns rätt är en interaktiv bilderbok för stora som små om barns rättigheter. Appen är fylld av bilder, animationer och ljud som på ett enkelt och kreativt sätt förklarar artiklarna i barnkonventionen. Bläddra, peka och lyssna på författarens egen uppläsning. Source:

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