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The Kid E-Lit exhibition showcases experimental electronic literature for children and teenagers alongside popular Nordic children’s and young adult’s book apps for tablets. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Bergen Public Library and is funded by Nordic Cultural Point. The exhibition includes seven works selected from submissions to the ELO 2015 arts program as well as two works from each of the participating Nordic countries by Nordic researchers and librarians. The Kid E-Lit exhibition will be on display in the Bergen Public Library in August and September 2015, and the Kid E-Lit network will subsequently develop new versions of the exhibition to tour other Nordic libraries. A separate catalog in both English and Scandinavian language has been published and details the project more exensively.

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Kid E-lit elektronisk litterature for barn og ungdom Jill Walker Rettberg, Lucas Ramada Prieto childrens' literature, curating electronic literature, electronic literature, exhibiting electronic literature
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