The Sailor's Dream

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This is a story about a girl, a woman and an old sailor told in images, sounds and fragments of text that the reader must find by navigating through a dreamlike ocean landscape. By taking advantage of the affordances of a tablet, Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck have created a fictional world built on an exceptional lyrical narrative, engaging graphics and a soundtrack that completes a well balanced enviroment that readers will love to navigate. The work uses the iPad in portrait mode, and begins with a dark screen with the words: “It’s night.” The reader swipes the words to the left to read more, sentence by sentence on the dark screen: “A girl lies in her bed. There’s not a sound. No footsteps in the hallway, no one talking or whispering. Everything is quiet. The girl shuts her eyes.” The sound of waves fades in, and you see you are in the ocean with islands to explore. A visual hypertext without links, you navigate through this world finding spaces that lead to short texts that seen together tell a story of loss, memories and fire.

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Hannah Ackermans