Hiromoto Ida

Nelson , BC
British Columbia CA
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Hiromoto Ida (performer)is a nationally recognized director, choreographer and performer. Moving to Nelson in 2000, he began creating new pieces under his own company Ichigo-Ichieh Dance. His works, such as Please Dad, SENTAK, KESSA, and The Gift have all been performed at international dance festivals. Ida originally studied drama and performance in Tokyo, then moved to Vancouver in 1987 and joined the Karen Jamieson Dance Company, performing at the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa, Nouvelle Dance in Montreal, Dancing on the Edge and the Kiss Project in Vancouver. In addition to dance, he is an accomplished actor. His first film debut in 1994, as the lead in the movie Tokyo Cowboy, won the People’s Choice Award at Vancouver International Film Festival.

(source: http://nicolaharwood.com/projects-2/high-muck-a-muck-playing-chinese/hig...)

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Hiromoto Ida
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