Officina di Letteratura Elettronica/Workshop of Electronic Literature

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20.01.2011 to 21.01.2011
Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
Via dei Mille, 60
80121 Napoli , NA
Napoli IT
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Critical writing presented:

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A Short History of Electronic Poetry Loss Pequeño Glazier history, epoetry, festival, epc
About Some Programmed Forms in Digital Poetry Philippe Bootz
Art, Activism and Web. Notes and Hypothesis for a Historical Overview Stefano Taccone
Aspects of Experiencing Poetry in Digital Media Mohsen Emadi poetry, natural language, machine language
Biopoetry Eduardo Kac digital poetics, poetics, biopoetry, holopoetry
CityFish J. R. Carpenter conference, city, narrative, QuickTime, google maps, new york, Nova Scotia, panorama
Collaborative Art Experiments on Facebook Raffaele Pinto, Letizia Caiazzo facebook, collaborative art
Digital Arts and Literature – Is it Just a Game? Alexandra Saemmer games, play, literariness
Digital Literary Text as a Play and a Ride Janez Strehovec
E-Art: Fragmentation and Assembling Alessandro Zinna artistic tradition
E-Literature vs. E-poetry Caterina Davinio
eLiterature: la letteratura nell’era digitale. Definizione, concetto e statuto. Fabio De Vivo e-literature, definizione, concetto, statuto
eLiterature: Literature in the Digital Era. Definition, Concept and Status Fabio De Vivo
Filiations and History of Digital Literature in France Serge Bouchardon france, history, characteristics, groups
From Mimetic to Cybernetic Mario Franco
From Oral Poetry to Tridimensional Poetry Agata Chiusano poetry, video poetry, transmission, memory
From Textual Random Synthesis to Hypermedia - The Genesis of a Multimedia Electronic Work: ALLETSATOR/ROTASTELLA Pedro Barbosa
German Net Literature: In the Exile of Invisibility Patricia Tomaszek communities, Germany, literary systems, scholarship, post-processing, empirical study of literature, esl, awards
Multimodal Metaphor and Intersubjective Experiences: The Importance of Eye-Contact in Davidson’s Graphic Novel The Spiral Cage and in Annie Abrahams Net-Project On Collaboration Asunción López-Varela Azcárate
New Media ArtPoetry: A Reflection on Practice María Mencía
OLE Officina di Letteratura Elettronica: Lavori del Convegno, Napoli, Gennaio 2011
Orality Writing Vision Luigi Frezza
The ELMCIP Knowledge Base and the Formation of an International Field of Literary Scholarship and Practice Scott Rettberg community, knowledge base, database, consortium, directory, research infrastructure
The Experience of the Unique in Reading Digital Literature Raine Koskimaa unique, generative, singularity, interpretation
The Textual Whole and its Vicissitudes in Digital and Ergodic Literature Markku Eskelinen textuality
The Virtual and The Virtuous Luigi Caramiello, Salvatore Monaco
Toward a Semiotic Critique of Computer Poetry Matteo D’Ambrosio semiotics, electronic poetry, interpretation
Translating Digital Literature. The Example of “I’m simply saying” Laura Borràs Castanyer teaching, pedagogy, translation
Variability and Intermediality as Challenges to Preservation Issues: Reflections about the Design and Implementation of Digital Archives Rui Torres archive, preservation, intermediality
Video Ergo Sum: Video as Symbolic Form Paolo Granata
What is "The Asian Tower"? Lorenza Colicigno Second Life
WIKIARTPEDIA Tommaso Tozzi wiki
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Patricia Tomaszek
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