Generative Poems

Description (in English): 

This work is part of an ongoing series of interactive, experimental and generative poetic texts using Processing to generate visual compositions which fill the viewable space in time, with a growing pattern triggered by sound and silence.These particular poems developed with Szekely were inspired by Hansjorg Mayer’s alphabetenquadratbuch poem (alphabetsquarebook). In all the experiments, three communication systems are coming together: image, writing and code.

It is my aim to stretch the possibilities of programming to produce generative texts activated by sound and rooted in the tradition of concrete poetry, its formal representation, production processes and progression with technological advances. As a research project, the work will have a valuable input in provoking discourses and bringing knowledge and understanding into the different explored disciplines.

(Source: Author's description on her website)

Technical notes: 

Programmed in processing. Made for projected installation.

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Scott Rettberg