Electronic Literature in Europe 2008

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11.09.2008 to 13.09.2008
University of Bergen NO-5020 Bergen
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From the original call for papers and works: "The Fall 2008 Bergen Seminar on Electronic Literature in Europe will build upon the work of the e-poetry seminar held in Paris in February 2008 at the University Paris 8, the 2007 e-poetry conference in Paris, the 2007 Remediating Literature Conference in Utrecht, and other recent activity in the field of electronic literature in Europe. The goals of this gathering are: 1) To provide an opportunity for European researchers to share and discuss their current research on electronic literature, e-poetry, and digital narrative forms. 2) To provide a forum for European authors of electronic literature to share, demonstrate, read, or perform their work. 3) To discuss and explore the foundation of a European research network focused on electronic literature, funding opportunities for such a network, and network activities."

Critical writing presented:

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A History of the Future of Narrative Robert Coover
Aesthetic Autonomy and Sensuous Appearing: Two Questions in the Aesthetics of Digital Poetry Andrew Michael Roberts interactivity, aesthetics, autonomy, sensuous, appearing, avant-garde, anti-aesthetic
Aesthetics of Visual Noise in Digital Literary Arts Maria Engberg fiction, visuality, word-and-image, noise
Bridging Intertextuality and Intermediality from a Cultural and Literary Perspective Asunción López-Varela Azcárate intertextuality, textuality, digital literacy, literary studies, intermediality, multimodality
Digital Orientalism: Japan and Electronic Literature Alice Ferrebe translation, transculturation, transliteration, orientalism, ethnicity, self-reflexivity
E-poetry: the Palpable Side of Signs Giovanna Di Rosario materiality, epoetry, interpretation, writing, grammatology, calligram, meaning, typography, syntax, entax, rhopalic, visual poetry
Electronic Literature Without a Map Markku Eskelinen computer games, ergodic literature, cybertext, electronic literature, narrative games, hypertext fiction, hermeneutics, literary studies, literary history, ergodic poetry, stretch text
Endless Text: New Media Technologies in The Raw Shark Texts Kiene Brillenburg Wurth novel, experimental fiction, print fiction, serial fiction, intermedial
Hypertext and bigos: On esthetic categories of modern and post-modern Polish fiction that may help us describe electronic literature in yet another way Mariusz Pisarski
Intertextuality in Digital Poetry Yra van Dijk digital poetry, hypertext theory, intertextuality, hypertextuality, electronic poetry, interpretation, hermeneutics
Junction of Image, Text, and Sound in Net.fictions Zuzana Husárová narrative, fiction, narratology, multisensory reading, reading-multisensory
New Media Literary: Hypertextual, Cybertextual, and Networked Katarina Peovic Vukovic hypertext, cybertext, introductory
Polish Way to E-Literature from Baroque to 21st Century Andrzej Pajak
Rencontre: An Experimental Tool for Digital Literature Serge Bouchardon, Jean Clément, Jean-Hugues Réty, Nicolas Szilas electronic literature, writing machines, visualization, hypersection, nonlinear fiction, authoring software
Semantisation, Exploration, Self-reflection and Absorption: Our Modes of Reading Hypertext Fiction Hans Kristian Rustad hypertext, reading, hypertext fiction, reader-response
Senghor on the Rocks: A Georeferenced Electronic Novel Christoph Benda, Florian Ledermann narrative, novel, geopoetics, mapping, cartography
Some stylistic devices on media interface Alexandra Saemmer semiotics, animation, interface, figuration, interfacial media figures, terminology, poetics of interaction
Teaching Digital Literature within a “Research and Teaching Partnership” in a Transatlantic Blended Learning Environment Patricia Tomaszek teaching, collaboration, pedagogy, digital literature, collaborative teaching, blended learning
The Aesthetics of Materiality in Electronic Literature Serge Bouchardon poetics, materiality, electronic literature, aesthetics, hyperfiction, interface, stylistics, interfacic figures, figuration, synecdoche, mediality, interactive writing
The Role of the Reader in Performative Digital Poetry Karin Wenz
Toward an Ontology of the Field of Digital Poetry Philippe Bootz, Samuel Szoniecky archiving, digital poetry, epoetry, ontology
Transculturation, transliteracy and generative poetics Simon Biggs generative, translation, hermeneutics, social relations, transculturation, pluriliteracy, transliteration, hermeneutics-expanded, transliteracy
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Eric Dean Rasmussen
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