my Molly (departed)

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my Molly (departed), formerly titled Twittering, is a textual instrument designed as a performance application. The pieces remixes text, image, audio, and video triggered through keyboard interaction. The work has been performed at the OpenPort Performance Festival (Chicago), ePoetry 2007 (Paris), The Codework Workshop (West Virginia University), The Electronic Literature in Europe Conference (Bergen Norway), and the Interrupt Festival (Brown University).

The piece coexists with a novel (Free Dogma Press) that was written simultaneous to the development of this work. Where the novel plays on aspects of time, and draws from sources such as Joyce, Strindberg, Beckett, Dante, among others; the hypermedia textual instrument combines these in a more immediate, collapsed manner.

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Documentation: reading; eliterature in europe, bergen norway

epoetry 2007: Talan Memmott's Twittering

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Eric Dean Rasmussen