Les 12 Travaux de l'Internaute / The 12 Labors of the Internet User

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In this piece, the internet user is regarded as the Hercules of the Internet. Often, he has indeed the impression to have to achieve Herculean labours. It can be a question of blocking popups which keep coming when one would like to see them disappear (the Lernean Hydra), cleaning the inbox of its spam (the Augean Stables), driving away the advertising banners (the Stymphalian Birds) or retrieving specific information (the Belt of the Queen of the Amazons)... This work draws upon the mythology of everyday life. It does not consist in showing the tragedy of existence, but in transforming our daily activities into a myth. It is consequently a question of experiencing technology in an epic - but also humoristic - mode.

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Aymeric Brisse, Adrien Pegaz-Blanc, Jérémie Lequeux, Mikael Labrut, Christopher Espargeliere, Mathieu Brigolle

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12 labors
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