Middle Orange | Meia Naranja

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“Middle Orange | Media Naranja” (2010) [Video]. This is an HD film (17:02 minutes) that seeks to answer the question, "What is digital poetry?" In order to do so, it must not only describing digital poetry but do so in another medium -- that of film. Thus, as digital poetry is poetry written in the language of digital medium, “Middle Orange | Media Naranja” is digital poetry written in the language of film: that is to say, it is film as film, with digital poetry somehow becoming a presence in the film, like the shadow of a passerby on the sidewalk. Accordingly, this video presents performative moments from Loss Pequeño Glazier's digital poetry, including “Territorio Libre”, “Io Sono at Swoons”, and “Bromeliads”, as artistic expressions in the medium. The objective of the film is to engage the relation between performance and digital poetry -- and between digitally-mediated texts and their poetic presence as artistic works. [http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/glazier/]

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Filmed and edited by Yuichiro Yamada

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Scott Rettberg