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“Alletsator” is a hypermedia work that is best defined as a quantum opera, or perhaps in the final analysis a game – interactive, three-dimensional – where the present and the virtual intersect and mix. A hybrid hypermedia, therefore, in which the “spectactor” (immersed in an environment that is intended to be cosmic, magical, fantastic, dreamlike ...) is challenged to traverse the surface of a sequence of drawings. The work is a journey without ending. “Alletsator” is a computer generated narrative that allows an infinite potential of combinations. It is also an object of the new media art. It is a product and agent of the cyber culture that promises to revolutionize the world as we know it. The dramaturgy it needs is already anticipated in the metaphor that better explains the work itself: a spacecraft of dispersed paths, of multilinear unexpected pathways. “Alletsator” was first automatically generated by Pedro Barbosa using the textual synthesizer "Sintex" and then it was performed as a theatrical work by Esbofeteatro and presented to the audience at the Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, in 2001 during the port’s events for Porto European Capital of Culture This work was conceived as a pioneering text of cyber-dramaturgy. Pedro Barbosa worked jointly with Luis Carlos Petry, professor at the Catholic University in São Paulo to adapt the theatrical narrative to a hypermedia interactive narrative work in a 3D environment accessible online. “Alletsator” then became a collaborative and work-in progress project that aims at aggregating the contributions of several other researchers from Portugal and Brazil: Pedro Barbosa (ESMAE School of Music and Performing Arts), the great promoter of cyberliterature in Portugal, Luís Carlos Petry (Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo), who is interested in areas in between philosophy and the new digital technologies, Sergio Bairon (PUC-SP and director of Nuphar),  Rogerio Cardoso (PUC-SP filmmaker and a composer) and Rui Torres (CETIC member). “Alletsator” breaks with the past. It is a window that expands the real in a global and complex prospective. It changes the orthodox way of receiving a work. It presents itself as a cyber universe, an interactive and dynamic hypertext, a performance stage where the cybernaut is the protagonist and where the reality is extended towards the myth. Anaximander Macromedia robot that opens the way to the oracle, summarizes the combinations of words randomly generated and combined, changing like this the course of events. (Text by Rui Torres)

Version 4.5 of Alletsator has been published in: TORRES, R. & PETRY, L. C., orgs. (2007). Cibertextualidades, 2, Ciberdrama e Hipermédia. Porto, Ed. UFP. 205 pp. ISSN 1646-4435.

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