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The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is a research resource for electronic literature and it is open for new contributions and submissions. It provides cross-referenced, contextualized information about authors, creative works, critical writing, platforms, and practices. Current contributors should log in to the knowledge base to enter new records.

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base depends on the active participation of a community of international researchers and writers working on electronic literature. To join us in building the Knowledge Base, sign up for an account we can set you up with a contributor account to add and edit records. The Knowledge Base is developed in Drupal 7 by the University of Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group as an outcome of the ELMCIP project.


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4117 records
Last name Middle name First name Updated
Cloninger Curt 06.05.2021
Ganguli Samprikta 02.05.2021
Deb Soham 01.05.2021
Griffin Brett 22.04.2021
Ensslin Astrid 21.04.2021


275 records
Title Publisher or organization Developers Year initiated Updated
Wattpad WP Technology 2006 02.05.2021
Roxio 2021 31.03.2021
IrfanView Irfan Skiljan 1996 31.03.2021
Google Sheets 24.03.2021
Framapad 24.03.2021


633 records
Name Event Date City Country Updatedsort ascending
2001 Electronic Literature Awards 18.05.2001 New York City United States 14.04.2021
2021 Woman E-Lit Symposium 30.03.2021 04.04.2021
Natural Language: Readings and Performances 04.01.2019 Chicago United States 31.03.2021
ELO Virtual Salons 19.03.2021
El único arbusto/Bush en que confío es el mío. (The Only Bush I Trust is My Own). 01.06.2006 Spain 12.03.2021

Databases and Archives

69 records
Name Organization Responsible Project Type Updatedsort ascending
Art and Electronic Media Online Database 05.10.2020
Media Archaeology Lab University of Colorado at Boulder Archive 05.10.2020
Hermeneia Hermeneia Grup de Recerca, Universitat de Barcelona Archive 05.10.2020
PO-EX.net: Arquivo Digital da Literatura... University Fernando Pessoa Archive 05.10.2020
Electronic Literature Directory Electronic Literature Organization Database 05.10.2020