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The netart latino database is a list of web-based digital art and literature projects created by Latinx artists in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Uruguayn artist Brian Mackern created the database to document this significant body of digital artistic culture. Mackern wrote brief descriptions of each work, included a link to the project, and categorized the works by the artist's country of origin.

Both a curated database and an artwork in its own right, Mackern's work is an example of archiving as a creative practice. As many of these works no longer function on current web browsers or no longer exist in any form on the web, Mackern's database is one of the few places where knowledge of these works can be found.

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The work is written in simple HTML with no additional dependencies. This ensures that it remains accessible on current web browsers, and still appears more or less unchanged from when it was first published on the web.

(Description by Colin Post)

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