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The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is a research resource for electronic literature and it is open for new contributions and submissions. It provides cross-referenced, contextualized information about authors, creative works, critical writing, platforms, and practices. Current contributors should log in to the knowledge base to enter new records.

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base depends on the active participation of a community of international researchers and writers working on electronic literature. To join us in building the Knowledge Base, sign up for an account we can set you up with a contributor account to add and edit records. The Knowledge Base is developed in Drupal 7 by the University of Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group as an outcome of the ELMCIP project.


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4719 records
Last name Middle name First name Updated
Efimova Vladlena 28.08.2023
Pinokio Krystian 21.08.2023
Boksa Tbxx Tomasz 21.08.2023
Blessing Simone 14.08.2023
Proitz Lin 14.08.2023


321 records
Title Publisher or organization Developers Year initiated Updated
Switch 11.06.2022
Storytrek 11.06.2022
Print 11.06.2022
Playstation 4 11.06.2022
Physical Installation 11.06.2022

Publishers and Journals

939 records
Name Updatedsort ascending
Castelvecchi 20.09.2023
Cybertext Yearbook 30.08.2023
JASAL 29.08.2023
DepthKit tv 14.08.2023
Nineteenth Century Literature 15.07.2023



670 records
Name Event Date City Country Updatedsort ascending
Future and Reality of Gaming 2021 27.11.2021 10.08.2023
ICA 26.05.2022 10.08.2023
Foundations of Digital Games 06.08.2021 10.08.2023
Meaningful Play 10.08.2023
p0es1s 26.09.2001 Erfurt Germany 10.08.2023

Databases and Archives

77 records
Name Organization Responsible Project Type Updatedsort ascending
Alfred Gillett Trust Archive 15.07.2023
NT2 Répertoire Des Arts et Littératures... Laboratorie NT2, Université du Québec à Montréal Database 12.04.2023
Cartografía de la Literatura Digital Lat... Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile Database 30.11.2021
Antología Lit(e)Lat Volumen 1 Red de Literatura Electrónica Latinoamericana (litElat) Special Collection 30.11.2021
Atlas da Literatura Digital Brasileira Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brasil Database 30.11.2021