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This collection is dedicated to inaccessible works of electronic literature, creative works and other resources that are no longer online, or inactive. If you encounter a work with a broken link, add the work to this collection and provide all data (description and images, most preferably a screenshot of the opening page+ screenshots from within the work) you have at hand in the record of the creative work. Ideally, make a note underneath the works description when you have encountered a "work's death".

Also, please provide URLs of works that are lost on the live Web but retrievable from the Internet Archive and provide the link in the field "Archive URL". As this collection will grow, I will evaluate if the works that are accessible through the Internet Archive should belong here, for now, they do.

Cross-references to scholarly articles about a respective work that is now lost are also most welcome. The collection intends to provide recognition and assure that lost works will still be - thanks to the paratext provided - eligible for scholarly post-processing. It may also serve for future research on archiving practices in electronic literature.


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