Electronic Literature Organization 2019: Peripheries (ELO 2019)

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15.07.2019 to 17.07.2019
University College Cork Cork
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The theme for ELO2019 #ELOcork is “peripheries”: delegates are invited to explore the edges of literary and digital culture, including emerging traditions, indeterminate structures and processes, fringe communities of praxis, effaced forms and genres, marginalised bodies, and perceptual failings.

(source: homepage ELO2019 website)

Critical writing presented:

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#PEAE (Participatif Ethology in Artificial Environments) Annie Abrahams aesthetic, attention and trust, artist-talk, e-stranger, languages, behavioural art, agency art, relational machine, performance
A Little Transmediation Can Be a Dangerous Thing, or What Happened When I Made a Multimedia Poem from an Artist’s Book Richard Holeton
Beyond the Periphery of Modernist Prose: Digital Faulknerian Stream-of-Consciousness David Thomas Henry Wright recombinant poetics, literary modernism, textual criticism, William Faulkner, ideal text
Diffractive Reading in the Reading Club Annie Abrahams collective writing, intra-action, reading club, reariting, distributed intelligence, author roles
Infinite Verse Nick Montfort infinity, poetry
Nodes Without Edges: Peripheries of the Database Hannah Ackermans digital hermeneutics, database structure, contributory database, digital labor, crowdsourcing, quantitative analysis, data collection, periphery
Peripheries2: Czech and Slovak digital literature on the edge of domestic and foreign interest Tomas Franta Czech and Slovak electronic literature, tradition of electronic literature, avant-garde literature, experimental poetry
The Birth of the Algorithmic Author: NLG Systems as Tools and Agents Leah Henrickson natural language generation, nlg, artificial intelligence, AI, computational creativity, agency, authorial agency, authorship, creativity, hci, digital humanities
Visible and Invisible Archives: The Database Aesthetics of The Atlas Group Archive and haikU Hannah Ackermans database narrative, database aesthetics, database structure, database, sociality
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Hannah Ackermans
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