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EMBLEM/AS consist of three digital poetic artifacts created in Flash that present three emblem or banners (“Emblemas” in Spanish) related to three geographic-poetic/linguistic areas: 1. MORA AMOR 2. ARENA AL COR 3. UNITED ESTADOS The three artifacts allow interactive experiences based on words created with the acronym of each of the city/banner referenced. As you move the cursor, words and sounds lead new audiovisual and political constructions based on meanings that explore the author’s split sense of identity as a nomadic subject. The first banner, “Mora amor” (Love dwells), was published in 2017 and its record is archived at elmcip.net: https://elmcip.net/creative-work/mora-amor This artifact refers to the banner of the city of Zamora, the place of birth of the author. The interactive words and Spanish sounds explore her sense of disengagement and nostalgia towards this city, while pointing to the conservatism and religious constrains of this area of Spain: Ora, Roma, Mazo, Amor, etc. (Prey, Rome, Mallet, Love). The interface can be experienced here: https://proyecto.w3.uvm.edu/Emblem/as/ZamoraFinalVoice.php

“Arena al cor” (Sand in the heart), is visually based on the Catalonia banner. The voice now reproduces, in both Catalan and Spanish, words created with the acronym of the city of Barcelona, the area where the author grew up. Now, the meanings intersect semantics of the sea (Ona, Roca, Ancla –Wave, Rock, Anchor) with others related to work and pain (Labora, Lacera –Works, Wound). This interface can be experienced here: https://proyecto.w3.uvm.edu/Emblem/as/BarcelonaArena.php Finally, “United Estados” reproduces the emblematic flag of the United States. The words and sounds, now in English, Spanish and Spanglish, reflect political issues in the country of residence and co-citizenship of the author. The acronyms point now to notions of anxiety, division and pain (Ansiado, Dissent, Duelo, SOS), as well as longing (Deseado).

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Vian Rasheed