Preserving, Curating and Visualizing Latin American Digital Literature and Art

Critical Writing
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Digital literature and art are currently being produced right across the globe. However, some digital works are more visible than others, depending on where in the world they are being produced, who is producing them, and how they are being circulated. The works that this panel will address are from Latin America, a region that has usually occupied a peripheral place in terms of global geopolitics, and whose digital cultural production, and its theorization, has typically been less visible than that produced and analyzed in the Global North. Furthermore, some of the works featured in the panel are produced by marginalised communities even within a Latin American setting (eg. indigenous communities).

Thus, in this panel we intend to present different approximations to make Latin American digital cultural production more visible, through the presentation of research projects that advocate the archiving, preservation and curation of Latin American digital cultural production, as well as the development of models of digital visualization of works, authors, genres, techniques, and other elements that allow us to characterize the particularities of digital cultural production from the region. In this sense, we would like to position Latin American digital cultural production not only as a field of creation, but also as a field of theoretical analysis that is making a strong contribution to the debate on how digital cultural production per se is being produced, circulated and preserved around the globe.

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