Electronic Literature Organization 2017: Affiliations, Translations, Communities (ELO 2017)

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19.07.2017 to 22.07.2017
U. Fernando Pessoa
Praça de 9 de Abril 349
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The ELO (Electronic Literature organization) organized its 2017 Conference, Festi-val and Exhibits, from July 18-22, at University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, as well as several other venues located in the center of the historic city of Porto, Portugal.

Titled Electronic  Literature:  Affiliations,  Communities,  Translations,  ELO’17  proposes  a  reflection  about  dialogues  and  untold  histories  of  electronic  literature,  providing a space for discussion about what exchanges, negotiations, and movements we can track in the field of electronic literature.

The  three  threads  (Affiliations,  Communities,  Translations)  weave  through  the Conference,  Festival  and  Exhibits,  structuring  dialogue,  debate,  performances, presentations, and exhibits. The threads are meant as provocations, enabling constraints, and aim at forming a diagram of electronic literature today and expanding awareness of the history and diversity of the field.

Our goal is to contribute to displacing and re-situating accepted views and histories of electronic literature, in order to construct a larger and more expansive field, to map discontinuous textual relations across histories and forms, and to create productive and poetic apparatuses from unexpected combinations.

(Source: Introduction Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

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Hannah Ackermans
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