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Dada was a mental system cracker. Think about the poem-algorithm. dadaoverload adapts the mechanics and adds the destruction mode. Tweets are fighting for dominance in this society of the spectacle. enough dada! “zersetze dada!” The world is filled with a dada overload. Today’s source material for Dada are tweets and spam messages, ads and any kind of short messages. Dada (Tzara) used newspaper clippings, cut them down to words and randomly reassembled them. Dada was a creative process in 1916. Today, 100 years later, Dada is everywhere and nowhere. It is massive disintegration of language and communication. It is a process of decomposition as tweets retweet themselves to stay alive. Our Dada destroys tweets. It subverts, undermines, disintegrates and decomposes tweeted messages. You have a stream of live tweets from different sources. You choose a tweet and shoot individual letters out into the tweet universe. Each letter bullet hits a tweet and disintegrates all equivalent letters in this tweet. The tweet now reads different. This happens fast and to all tweets on screen. One of Saturday, July 22 • 579 the tweets becomes the main tweet in the center and shows the process in oversize. Once in a while, you get a full word as bullet. This starts a creative process. The full word shows up in orange and recompose the incomplete gappy tweets: Reality. Truth, Naivity. You also get the choice of intervening with your own inputs and see how you feel when your annotations get destroyed by the Dada Overload bullets. [There are some enhancements. Try them out. You can click together a longer text. You can pause the stream and read the output easier. You can put in your own text spam. You can take an instant picture. You can send a dadaoverload tweet and get an answer from the dadaoverload bot.]


(Source: ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

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Lisa Berwanger