Dream Garden

Description (in English): 

Dream Garden is a site-specific augmented reality project to gather, graft and nurture a city’s dreams. Each time a city dweller texts a 7-word dream (a poetic form moving private experience into public space), that dream automatically joins others both in a “garden” (a designated physical location in the city) and online at inthedreamgarden.com. The project shows how some community resources – like citizens’ dreams - can inhabit and expand a space without wounding it, colonizing it or wasting natural resources. As a political space, it’s urban renewal and greening without displacement. As a philosophical space it suggests that dreaming together may change a city and even a country. As a community garden it suggests that our dreams aren’t wasted - they are growable, transplantable, and in the poetic space of the project, both virtual and real.

(Source: ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

Technical notes: 

This project uses Layar, a free augmented reality application for mobile devices. Participants can download the Layar app and see their texted dream joined with others in site-specific locations. The international project is designed to adapt to any urban space.

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Dream Garden

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