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Founded in the summer of 2009, Layar quickly gained international attention as one of the first mobile augmented reality browsers to hit the market. Our open development platform attracted thousands of developers from all of the world to create AR content as millions downloaded the Layar App for iOS and Android, making Layar the world's most popular platform for AR.

Today, as part of the Blippar group, Layar is a global leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. Together, Layar and Blippar have collaborated with many of the world's top brands, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Anheuser-Busch, Elle, Glamour, Honda and BMW. The Layar and Blippar mobile apps have been downloaded over 46 million times, providing brands with access to a rapidly expanding audience of tech-savvy consumers eager to "unlock" the physical world with digital experiences.


Works Developed in this Platform:

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API v8.3 changes

API v7.1

  • Score boards
  • Twitter feeds
  • Slide shows
  • Voting/polling mechanism
  • Web widgets

API v7.0

  • In Layar clients v7.0 and above, there will be no BIWs in the UI. Therefore, all parameters related to BIW display in hotspots are removed, such as text, imageURL, showSmallBiw, showBiwOnClick and biwStyle.
  • Layer level actions will be removed. Since BIWs are gone, actions.label and actions.activityType are removed for POI level actions. For Vision POIs, each augment can have maximum two action events, namely Click event and Auto-trigger event.
    • Click event happens when a user clicks on the augment. The first action in the array with "autoTriggerOnly = false" will be executed.
    • Auto-trigger event, the first action in the array with "autoTrigger=true" will be triggered automatically when a Vision POI is recognized.

    If the first action in the array has "autoTrigger = true" and "autoTriggerOnly = false", both Click events and Auto-trigger events will trigger that action. Any other actions in the array will be ignored.

  • hotspots.icon object is removed since only 2d image, 3d model and AR video are supported in Vision layer.




How To Use the Layar Creator 2.0

Layar - How to Use the Layar App

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