Dark Matter

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Dark Matter' is a fully immersive, physically interactive, three-dimensional digital projection environment. The artwork explores whether the body might be perceived as an absence, inferred from the physical and cultural information around it. In this context, employing multi-agent interaction, people are proposed as emergent 'co-readers' within the context of a dynamic assemblage. The artwork employs the metaphor of dark matter; not only that of a physical character but also cultural. Just as dark matter is believed to bind the universe together it can be proposed that our society is bound by cultural 'dark matter'. In 'Dark Matter' textual material directly linked to events at Abu Ghraib and, specifically, Guantanamo Bay, is employed to explore the nature of the things we "don't know we know", representing a kind of cultural dark matter. Readers physically interact with the textual fragments (within a full physics simulation), their bodies revealed in the subsequent actions and interactions of the text objects. Depending on the number of viewers the the 3D space is rendered from first, second or third person points of view, creating a shifting experience of the immersive environment and proposing varying models of active readership.

(Source: https://www.digitalartarchive.at/database/general/work/dark-matter-1.html and ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs) 

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Dark Matter
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