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“Flewn” is a melancholic and surrealistic story in book app format about an old whale walking on stilts through a desert in search of a lost ocean, carrying on its back jars with sea creatures it has rescued. Beautifully executed, “Flewn” offers two reading modes: the story mode, in which the reader explores the whale’s story by scrolling through the illustrations, accompanied with music, animation, video, and text; and the game mode, which offers an interactive exploration of the story space from the perspective of a little frog whose helicopter must be kept on air by pedalling and in this way help to spot the ocean everybody is looking for.

(Source: Description from ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

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Android version is as of 2017, unreleased, but still downloadable from the App store.

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Pål Alvsaker