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Finding a Third Space for Electronic Literature: Creative Community, Authorship, Publishing, and Institutional Environments Scott Rettberg
Field Notes From The Secret War Between Value and Meaning in Digital Culture Francisco J. Ricardo
Fandom Vs. E-Lit: How Communities Organize Flourish Klink
ELO Salons: Beyond 2020 Lyle Skains, Deena Larsen, Johannah Rodgers, Caitlin Fisher, Julianne Chatelain, Kate Brooks
ELMCIP Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities
ELMCIP Knowledge Base Seminar Authors Feedback session Scott Rettberg
Electronic Authorship, Collaboration, Community, and Practice Scott Rettberg
Digital Literature in France Serge Bouchardon
Dichtung Digital 42
Developing an Identity for the Field of Electronic Literature: Reflections on the Electronic Literature Organization Archives Scott Rettberg
Creativity as a Social Relation? James Leach
Creative Communities: Nooks, Niches, and Networks Talan Memmott
Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age Richard Holeton
Community Storytelling: Beyond the Table and onto the Digital Green Krista-Lee Malone, Casey James O’ceallaigh, Edword Flabberjackson, Andrew C. Fudge
Communitizing Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg
Chez Moi: Lesbian Bar Stories from Before You Were Born Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira
Can We Help Being Creative? James Leach
All Tomorrow's Parties Scott Rettberg
A Short History of Electronic Literature and Communities in the Nordic Countries Hans Kristian Rustad
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