Communitizing Electronic Literature

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Electronic literature is an important evolving field of artistic practice and literary study. It is a sector of digital humanities focused specifically on born-digital literary artifacts, rather than on using the computer and the network to redistribute, analyze, or recontextualize artifacts of print culture. Works of electronic literature appeal to configurative reading practices. The field of electronic literature is based on a gift economy and developing a network-based literary culture built on the collaborative practices of a globally distributed community of artists, writers, and scholars. This article situates the development of the field of electronic literature within academe, some of the institutional challenges currently confronting the field, and its potential for further development.

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A draft version of this article was presented as "Communitizing Electronic Literature" at the 2008 ELO Conference.

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Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Fall 2012) Syllabus Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, Leonardo L. Flores, Patricia Tomaszek 2012
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, UiB, Fall 2013) Syllabus Patricia Tomaszek, Scott Rettberg 2013
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