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Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age Richard Holeton
The Heaviness of Light Eugenio Tisselli
ELMCIP Knowledge Base Seminar Authors Feedback session Scott Rettberg
Fandom Vs. E-Lit: How Communities Organize Flourish Klink
The Generative Literature Project & 21st Century Literacies Mia Zamora
Chez Moi: Lesbian Bar Stories from Before You Were Born Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira
The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: Chaining Rhetorical Visions from the Margins of the Margins to the Mainstream in the Xenaverse Christine Boese
Offshore of Writing: E-literature and the Island Jerome Fletcher, Lisa Somma
From Concrete to Digital Poetry: Driving Down the Road of Continuity? A Personal Report from Norway Ottar Ormstad
Topdown Digital Literature: The Effects of Institutional Collaborations and Communities Yra van Dijk
Growing up Digital: The Emergence of E-Lit Communities in Spain. The Case of Catalonia “And the Rest is Literature” Laura Borràs Castanyer
Dichtung Digital 42
William Poundstone and the Aesthetics of Digital Literature Brian Kim Stefans
From Theo Lutz to Netzliteratur. The Development of German-Language Electronic Literature Beat Suter
1998 trAce Writer's Conference: Writers & the Internet
Field Notes From The Secret War Between Value and Meaning in Digital Culture Francisco J. Ricardo
Creativity as a Social Relation? James Leach
Communitizing Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg
Toward a Semantic Literary Web: Setting a Direction for the Electronic Literature Organization’s Directory (2007) Joseph Tabbi
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